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Unsure of the Quality of a Guitar Made in Vietnam?

    1.) There are probably hundreds of guitar, ukulele & mandolin builders in Saigon and Vietnam. But basically only a handful of them are of the same quality as name brand name guitars like Huss and Dalton, Larrivee (British Columbia), Martin, Taylor, etc. And yes you guessed it, those handful of builders are where we get our instruments.

Fear That it Could it Get Messed Up in International Shipping?

    2.) These instruments are already in the US (Southern California area), shipping with in the US is pretty easy, it was getting them here that was the hard part. We have evolved our process over the years to safely get the instruments to the US and acclimate them to the humidity range of 45-55%. If your in the SoCal area feel free to contact us to view an instrument we have for sale.

Fear of Humidity Change Messing Up the Instrument?

    3.) Do to our own process of making sure the wood sets into the new humidity environment we have seen these Vietnamese handmade guitars last years and they sound amazing right next to a top quality “name brand guitars”. Once the instrument is here in the US we keep it in a humidity controlled room between 45%-55% relative humidity (normally right at 50%). Keep in mind these are not novelty instruments that fall a part. These are really well constructed, high quality instruments.

The Simplest Reason To Buy Vietnamese Handmade Acoustic Guitars, Ukuleles or Mandolins is…

    Easy… to save money!

    Example #1: Handcrafted Koa Guitar – Your getting a handmade guitar that is equal to a $4,200 if it had a name brand on it. That guitar is made by basically the most famous builder in the country and still, you can get it for just over half the price at $2,400.

    If you want the quality of a high end, all solid wood construction guitar, ukulele, or mandolin and don’t care about the “name brand”, just care about quality, than you can save a lot of money. And own a beautiful instrument.


Official Viet Strings QR Code

Official Viet Strings QR Code

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Custom Order Guitars, Ukuleles & Mandolins

We are able to take custom orders for handmade acoustic guitars, mandolins and ukuleles. You can choose the tone woods and style of the instrument and have it made just for you!